Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Troy Hill residents angry over fire station's closing

Troy Hill residents angry over fire station's closing - PittsburghLIVE.com 'They took our pool, they took our rec center, they took our crossing guards, and now our fire station,' she said. 'It makes you wonder what we're paying taxes for anymore.'

Many who were on hand this morning were angered by what they viewed as broken promises from city officials.

Should we make a list as to what wrongheaded things we're paying for for thoos who really want to know?
The corporate welfare is tops on my list. We pay for the convention center that can't be used to its capacity as we don't have enough hotel spaces. We will be paying for the hotel next. We'll be paying for the local match for the tunnels under the Allegheny River for light rail to the stadiums -- yet alone Three Rivers Stadium still. That's no typo. We owed $30-million on the one that was destroyed.

Of course we're paying for schools -- but -- I'm not going to quicklyl put that into the 'wrongheaded' category. I'll put some of the costs there, but not in one lump.

We are paying for the URA and the thousands of properties the URA owns and the millions in debt that the URA has acquired.

We are paying for the debt, the pensions, the Pittsburgh Development Fund. The debt is huge and was racked up in Murphy's tenure. We're paying for the gambles he took and his eventual failures. And, we pay for the bonds to re-do the debt.

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