Thursday, September 02, 2004

Great debate news in PA, finally

  • Debates for US Senate to be inclusive - PG article

  • PA will be treated to U.S. Senate debates with all the candidates. Great news.

    Democratic challenger Joe Hoeffel has persuaded debate organizers to allow the Constitution Party's Jim Clymer to take part in the candidate forums set for Oct. 2 and 9. The debates' co-sponsors, which include the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters and the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania said Clymer and Libertarian Party candidate Betsy Summers will receive invitations to participate. Thanks Joe!

    Originally, the debates, included only Specter and Hoeffel. Both the League of Women Voters and the PA Association of Broadcasters are known to often exclude candidates. Both got pulled out of another shameful moment by a candidate leader.

    The talk of debate criteria is bunk. The only criteria that should be used at this point is the ballot itself. If a name is on the ballot, then the true criteria has been established. All debates should be opened to all candidates in a fair and even manner. The state's arcane election laws take a second seat to the state's bigots who host debates and don't include everyone from the outset.

    From PG, link above: "We consented to the Hoeffel campaign: 'If you want Clymer in there, we'll stick him in there,'" said Richard Wyckoff, president of the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters.

    I prefer that the president and the association consented to a sense of fairness, not to the Hoeffel compaign. Moment to moment justice is needed, especially with the watchdogs.

    The story here isn't about any campaign trying to pull votes away from another. Rather, our shared well of democracy counts most of all. And, those who would choose to spoil our American landscape with lame journalism needs to be discounted by their peers, or in this case, just given a scolding for showing their true UN-Democratic colors at the outset.

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