Thursday, September 02, 2004

Wearing blame IS productive


  • Ed Rendell, PA's Governor, doesn't yet understand our situations.

    PG article (link above) quote: "I know people think this city is crying wolf, but there's no question this city is out of money by December," Rendell said.

    We are crying "wolf" and pointing fingers at Mayor Murphy. The city is out of money because the wolves ate it all! The city has been chewed into nothingness. The link between the call of wolf and the lack of funds might be lost with the Governor's understanding.

    "We've been trying to point the finger of blame for over a year now. That's not productive. Regardless of who's to blame it's up to us [in Harrisburg] to solve this and give Pittsburgh the opportunity to get back on its feet financially."

    Wrong. Going to the root of the problem is productive. Wearing blame and putting blame where blame needs to reside is critical to fixing our future. To be productive is to learn from history. To make the same mistakes again is what we all fear.

    Harrisburg has a role in the solution, now that Pittsburgh is so far gone. However, it is NOT up to Harrisburg to solve this. Why give Pittsburgh an opportunity to get back on its feet financially when it will not come face-to-face with the necessary blame and will repeat the same tragic outcomes?

    It is one thing to be a big spender. However, it is another matter when the spending is illegal. And, when the plan to overspend breaks the city's charter, our law, not once, but for two years -- then we have a real problem and case of repeated mistakes. Mayor Murphy and the City Council passed budgets that were not legal -- TWICE in a row. This is sure to happen again.

    The mayor and the city's leaders have yet to realize what they did is wrong the first time yet alone the second time. The third time is upon us.

    Rendell repeated yesterday that some kind of state-approved tax reform is "absolutely essential" for the city.

    What is really essential for the city, is the understanding that we can't sidestep blame. When Ed Rendell gives cover to Tom Murphy, again and again, we won't be able to heal. The healing begins as soon as Tom Murphy and his cronies go to the private sector.

    Murphy's next spending plan is due to the board Sept. 22. Expect that the city won't be able to live within its means. We expect the wolf to bear its ugly head again to devour some more.

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