Friday, January 28, 2005

AP -- Dem close to joining GOP

AP Wire | 01/28/2005 | Allegheny County Dem close to joining GOP: "Senate Democratic aides said Diven this week asked them for $54,000 in campaign funds to pay off debt in exchange for him remaining a Democrat. Diven, who reported a $35,000 debt in December, said he never made such a request and that he would not base his party affiliation on it.

I'll meet with anyone. Mike called me yesterday and we got together this AM for a civil conversation as the 2-hour delay unfolded.

Understanding that I'm a realist and not in a fantasy land, here are some highlights from my vantage point: One: I'm in the race. Diven isn't. There is a great chance that he'll get second among Republicans and not make it to the special election.

Two: I've got my ideas and platform out there now. People have a clue as to what I stand for and what I care about. I'm in this for ideas, principles, values that are dear to me and to our community. Without a platform from him, its hard to have much of a conversation. Should I see ten press releases and position papers that deal with technology with the youth (he did start a computer lab that closed the minute he left city council) and recreation -- then I can begin to lift a smile. The formation of a Park District shouldn't be a foreign to the solution line-up in the months to come.

Presently, I've never heard Diven tell Mayor Murphy to resign. He still needs to go from Grant Street. Diven likes Murphy, alot. (gulp)

Presently there is a Deer Creek TIF in the process at Allegheny County Council. I hate TIFs. I've spoken against that one at its public hearing. Wayne Fontana, Dem, possible race participant as well, is in FAVOR of the TIF. He'll have to take some heat on that sprawl position, even for infrastructure. We need infrastructure redevelopment too. Diven who voted against a TIF or two back in the day needs to put out the word that the TIF is bad. Will he?

There is more that should be left for future postings. And, its time for the family meal.

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