Monday, January 17, 2005

Forum: We can't afford a 'caretaker' mayor

Michael's editorial in the PG on Sunday shows a number of telling points to me. I read what is on the lines and what is between them as well. However, I'm not going to rip into the article on a point by point basis here and now. If you see me around town, ask. Then we'll talk. But these two points need to be shared.
Lamb's editorial in the PG.... "a belief that city government can do more with less.

That is why I am uniquely prepared to take on this job. My campaign will be predicated on a new approach to leadership and a new approach to government.

He wrote it now after saying it before, "do more with less." That's the slogan of Les Ludwig. Les has been around town saying, "Do more with Les." Perhaps Lamb will be saying "Bob's Back" next week?

Furthermore, this bit about being uniquely prepared for the job does not sit right with me. I could rattle off the names of 300 people who live in Pittsburgh who are prepared to do a much better job at running Pittsburgh when contrasted to what we've had in the past dozen years. I know more than 100 people in town who have superior preparation to what Lamb delivers, without doubt. Mike is well qualified. But if he thinks he is uniquely prepared for the job of mayor, then he isn't well suited for that job. Time to "Think Again" Mr. Lamb.

I think we have hundreds of people who could run this city. I bet that there are hundreds more that are here that I've not had the opportunity to meet, yet.

Running Pittsburgh is not about annointing a new king and heir to a new dynasty. Unique blood lines are for souls to worry about in other continents, not in Pittsburgh.

Rather, I think we need a team player, a populist mayor, a champion of principles and creativity. And, we need a communicator who doesn't lift bumper sticker slogans from other candidates in the race -- while discounting him as a person.

I'm not wild about sticking up for Les and Earl. But, I'm not the kind of guy that is going to say nothing. Lamb has pulled a subtle backstabbing. It is either by intent or out of ignorance. Either way, it makes me think of Leroy Hodge and Rosa Parks. If you're gonna force others to ride in the back of the bus, you'd better hope that the other passengers on the bus are mere Lambs. I'm not. I'm going to stand up and quickly side with the one who is getting pushed around, popular or not.

I'm not itching for a fight. But there is a sense of duty within me and the process. Pittsburgh is shrinking because there is an elitism that hinders common-sense with matters of justice. The others on the bus might see the miss-treatment and get the heck out of there. They'll vote with their feet. They'll not come back. No me. I'm staying put.

If I'm a white guy on a bus and Rosa is shoved to the back -- there is now my heat from a different angle to contend with. I'm standing tall. Think again. That's my brother. If you think that way, you don't have any business driving our bus.

Not today. Not any day. Especially not on this holiday.

Have a just and brotherly Martin Luther King day!

As for Mike, a fix on your four page website is welcomed. Looks as if you need some content anyway. Say the following: You're not the only person in the race. Say you'll avoid the slogan, "Do more with Les." Say you think that all Pittsburghers are not less prepared than you. Say that the new approach to leadership means give and take with critics and you'll be happy to debate anyone in the race at any time, and you'll insist that everyone be included. And for good measure, wish everyone a peaceful MLK day too.

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Anonymous said...

I find the saying - do more with less - to be insulting to working people. So trite.