Tuesday, January 25, 2005

AP: Pittsburgh oversight boards squabble

Speaking of not playing well with others, here comes another sucker punch.
AP Wire | 01/25/2005 | Pittsburgh oversight boards squabble over police, fire contracts: "The controversy marks the latest squabble between the authority, whose members were appointed by the governor and legislative leaders, and the Act 47 team, which was created after the state declared Pittsburgh a distressed city in December 2003.

Here is the fix. If and when I'm in charge, we fix the problems with a few simple moves. First of all, we need to shine a very bright light on these matters. We need to have open government. We need to have these meetings put on the cable, radio, internet and with open access to all the meeting minutes.

The oversight board, meanwhile, holds a meeting without telling anyone. They've rushed to quick meetings in the past. That blows trust.

Then we are in ugly positions of not having faith in any party.

Jim Roddey was on the radio today, 1360 AM, with Bowyer. I heard some of the conversation. Roddey is worried, and for good reason. The ICA did a report on the firefighter situation. But, where is that report? It was given to the mayor and the Act 47 team. But, was it released to the internet?

We need folks to play well with others. And, we all win when these actions occur out in the open. That is where we have to put our faith. Let's toss the bumbs out. Let's set a new course with new leaders.

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