Thursday, January 27, 2005

Indie, musical, South Side, launching, fundraising, community, gives voice

The common ground between myself and WYEP are so visible and pronounced.

I love and utilize music.

I love and insist upon giving voice to others.

I love and cherish all concepts that swirl around community.

WYEP is launching a new frontier with its new studio and performance space, as I am with new campaigns for public office.

We both are in the South Side. It's new office is on the same street as mine. Welcome.

A new effort to increase donations is brewing there, as about $2-million or more are needed to complete the building and move. I'm gearing up a fund-raising campaign too, but I'm not seeking that much.

Volunteerism is critical, and we both embrace them.

WYEP is a wonderful cause and voice for the commnity. We'll be happy to have them in our neighborhood. Happier still if everyone comes on the bus and dosn't park in front of our garages.

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