Friday, January 21, 2005

Oversight board accuses city of pursuing fat deals with police, fire unions

Here is another reason why it is so dangerous and unhealthy to allow Tom Murphy and his cast to remain in office. We need to get them into the private sector. Waiting for 2006 is going to really hurt. And the real hurt isn't felt yet.

The healing for this city and the region happens when we get new people in office and these people have new priorities.

Tough love counts here. And, the unions need to know that the people are worthy of playing well with others. The city has begged for the move to arbitration. That gives the elected, do-nothings, the cover and smoke to pass the responsibility. But on the other hand -- the union leaders have no respect for the elected officials. That respect has been squandered. Spoiled. Rotten. And they have seen their ways unfold in many instances.

Trust is gone.

Jim Roddey should be sending out these memos. But, he needs to be doing more to right the situations. He should be outraged at other issues too. Some issues are not just for tears -- but are for actions that mend, fix and heal.

Oversight board accuses city of pursuing fat deals with police, fire unions The contract actions -- which could not be independently confirmed yesterday -- show a 'total lack of cooperation' and a 'total disregard for what we understood to be the common goal of determining the best interest of the city,' the letter from the Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority said.

'We believe that the citizens of the City as well as the hundreds of thousands of non-residents who come to the City each day including the workers who now pay a $52 annual occupation tax deserve better,' the board told lawmakers.

'Most important, under these circumstances, we must inform you that the ICA can no longer provide you with the assurance of financial stability for the City of Pittsburgh.'

Mayoral spokesman Craig Kwiecinski said the city has not entered into a contract with the Fraternal Order of Police. Rather, an arbitration panel handed down a contract award last month that is still under review by city officials.

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