Thursday, January 06, 2005

Pittsburgh doesn't need a 'populist' mayor -

Pittsburgh doesn't need a 'populist' mayor - "Let's elect a 'populist,' by jove!

Not so fast. For we must first take stock of what a 'populist' really is."

On many fronts, I'm a populist. My platform logo, "We, the people" is textbook along these lines.

But, as Colin McN knows, we don't need a lover boy. At another site, there is an expression, "Everyone loves Bill." Right. I don't. And, its a darn good thing I don't love him. But that handle is going to be foreign to the descriptions of myself.

We need and I deliver what is generally called, "Tough love." Perhaps this is my coaching background. Perhaps it is my binary computer background. Perhaps it is my parenting background. Perhaps it is my holistic approach.

I've picked fights with the Trib. When the Pgh Biz Times got it wrong, I visited their office. The later fixed their untruths by zapping history re-writes from the web site. The former still is AWOL. Same too for others in the public light. I give props and give jabs as a loyal, civil player should. You'll get praise and critique from me, honestly. And, we all learn to build respect and live for another day.

... conservatives and libertarians want the government to leave Mr. and Mrs. Public alone. ... Modern-day liberals, socialists, progressives -- "new populists" -- want government to "save" them. My stance is as a Libertarian -- wanting government to leave us alone.

As in a person with a good, if not self-deprecating, personality and good social skills who understands we all have a stake in the future of the city -- sure. But we certainly cannot afford a "populist" in the historical sense. The public molestation in the name of the "public good" has gone on long enough. Many wounds remain open. The scars are deep. The carnage is widespread. The pockets remain turned out; the purse, pilfered.

Thus, we don't need a new mayor who has a degree in "urban design studies," "government dynamics," "progressive public policy" or some other fancy-schmancy elitist degree who thinks he can circumvent the fundamental laws of economics.

Amen Brother Colin!

The line, "PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS" --- like music. Said it often myself.

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