Thursday, January 20, 2005

Musings from POP! Public Relations -- The Silece on Ketchum is Deafening

Musings from POP! Public Relations: "The Silence on Ketchum is Deafening

'I have raised points that I thought should be picked up by other PR bloggers, where we would all raise a red flag ... and silence.'

That was my quote last June for PR Week's article on PR bloggers push forth the medium.

What happened? Nothing has really changed - I blog about issues that I see as wrong in public relations ... and it's not picked up anywhere.

Why don't PR bloggers raise the red flag on issues within PR? Why have we stayed silent on the Ketchum debacle, and not raised our voice. While this is a PR issue - and we are all about how blogs are the new communications tools, change the world, blah blah - Ketchum has barely been brought up in the PR blogosphere.

When the story broke in the mainstream press, a local radio host, Lynn Cullen, (she leans way to the left), ranted about the story. My call to her and her guest, who was not then on the air, was about Ketchum. The PR firm and the ad agency are not the same. I understand. However, there was a Pittsburgh connection. I think Lynn should have pulled others into the discussion. It is her show. I tried to do so.

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