Thursday, January 27, 2005

Dan O wanted an opportunity to counter offer. Counter zero.

County Executive Dan Onorato wanted an opportunity to give a counter offer to US Airways before the news dropped as to the job losses. Dan is mad. Dan is bad that the past state, county and government money has evaporated (my word).

My approach is different.

You can't be mad at the market place. Life is too short to be mad at things like gravity. We have to deal with the facts. I do.

I would have given zero to US Airways. That's a counter offer that makes the most sense. We got burnt. Lots of money went away to them and the relationships for corporate welfare didn't have the weight to keep them here.

My plan for keeping US Airways in Pittsburgh is to rush and give away $0.

On other fronts, I'm all in favor of turning up the heat for CCAC and job training. That is an effort that gives to everyone, not to corporate welfare. I would strongly support CCAC efforts, technology efforts, lower tax efforts.

Allegheny County to US Airways: Take our spaces at $10 a square foot put on the table. Gov. Rendell offers $1.25 M for relocation and $1.2 M tech transfer. Ten day response in writting. Our offer appears to be much better. But, it needed to be ten times better. Dan thinks that the deal was a win-win for the taxpayers. Perhaps it will be a win-win that they didn't take it.

Odd way to interact: US Airways broke the leases at the airport. Didn't bargain in good faith with Jim Roddey. Don't deal in good faith with the unions.

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