Monday, January 10, 2005


The sacrificial lamb jabs are now off the radar. When I was called such, I held a gyro party for my supporters. Yep, I know. That's really goat, not lamb.

I do have a great story about the three billy-goats gruff brothers, if you care to see it performed -- just ask.

When Lamb gets edged out, I hope that he and his supporters will come to my campaigns. And, even before the primary, we'll keep him in the loop as to the run for PA Senate. He can vote for me on May 17, 2005. Because I'm a DEM, I won't vote for him. And, I'm not too sure why I would.

Tip to Mr. Lamb --- come up with a statement about the Mon Valley Toll Road. How could you not know?

Lamb officially enters race for mayor - Michael Lamb, Allegheny County's prothonotary, became the first person to officially enter the race for mayor of Pittsburgh, which is trying to turn around its bleak finances with reduced spending and altered taxes.

This news is very bad news for Mr. Ludwig. This is bad news for Mr. Jones too. And, its bad news for the citizens fo Pittsburgh as well.

1 + 1 + 1 = third.

We're being told 1 + 1 + 1 = first.

These other two are not people?

These other two don't have the "rights" to run?

As Pittsburgh is in a crisis because of numbers. Those on Grant Street can't ad when it comes to budgets. And, there is a problem with balance.

Other candidates have announced for mayor but are not expected to run legit campaigns that pay for TV, radio and print ads.

Lamb could have stood up and said, in part, he's happy to enter the campaign and debate the issues with all the other participats. If I'm Lamb, I'm asking the others who are running for the same post to drop out and support me.

Finally, it was very interesting to hear the radio news blurb. Lamb spoke saying he'd "Do More with Les." Exact quote. It is right from the Les bumper stickers.

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Anonymous said...

Mike Lamb doesn't have a shot at the office.