Friday, January 07, 2005

Best urban red-state writting I've seen in a long time -- once you exclude my rants

Visited a blog site and saw a document called a manifesto the other day. Weird names. 3 rivers infidel

So good, it looks too good.

I posted a few comments there as to the author(s). It is faceless blog. Hope the meet the author -- or see the author de-cloaked. This isn't some "draft bill silly puddy."

But then, poof! The interesting remarks are nuked. Gone. Dust on the information super highway.

Inspector would say, "very interesting."

Within my comments, I asked the author to give me a call. Sadly, some dozens of hours later, my phone, 412-298-3432, has not rung.

A number of hunches were hinted at in my posting on the comments. Some of my guesses, if we're playing to 20, wrote back to confirm they are NOT reponsible. If the game is 20 questions, not 20 guesses, then my first is to wonder if the content was the handiwork of a firm rather than an individual.

Anyone have any idea what I'm wondering about? Anyone have any insights?

Bloggers' White Out
White out came in a little jar with a paint brush and you'd dab a bit on the paper while in the roll of the typewritter to touch up typos en at. Today, we've got delete buttons.

A friend of mine wrote to me saying:

I read it but the Republican biases were too strong for me to agree with their analysis. It reads like most of the right-winged rhetoric that
Karl Rowe uses to justify faulty or false data. Without a doubt the
Democratic leadership can be faulted for not fixing the problems, but
they can not be blamed for creating the problems. Our problem have more
to do with the fall of large employers who had large payrolls before the
electronic aged took over; and the reality that industries need fewer
workers as well as the decline of what those industries were producing.
I do not belief the Republicans would have done much worst. From their
positions they would have assured that those who had got more, while
those with less got less.

DFA blog also mentioned the posting as Ben saw it too.

So, that's two against, and both are solid in blue-state camp.

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