Sunday, January 16, 2005

Star-Telegram's POSTCARD FROM THE ROAD in Pittsburgh


By Charean Williams, Star-Telegram Staff Writer

Greetings from Pittsburgh,

See the comments for the article. Sign. This, "junk food," is what we'll be famous for now? What splits NYC from the 'Burgh is but the thickness (or lack of) of pizza crust and the color of the catchup from Heinz.

I am tickled at the thought of an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl. But, I wonder who in the media has the courage to break the first story on Dutch Hex Signs?

Could we change the Superbowl logo, what is the Roman Numeral, to a PA State Flag?

How about if Tom Ridge and Ed Rendell both parachute into the stadium before the game, one with the game ball and the other with the coin for the toss. At halftime the two can hold an eat off.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone has heard of the curse of the Bambino and the Sports Illustrated curse, but the Chunky Soup curse?

Sportsblogger Dan Lewis is credited with discovering the curse, and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette gave it legs this week.

Broncos running back Terrell Davis and Rams quarterback Kurt Warner were the first to be afflicted. They 'donned spoons, fake moms and steaming bowls of Campbell's Chunky Soup and took to the airwaves. For this transgression -- replacing their moms with some actress -- the gods of football smote them,' Lewis wrote in his blog about Davis and Warner. It is true their careers went south. Davis is out of football, and Warner is a backup with the Giants.

Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, Eagles receiver Terrell Owens, Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb and Steelers running back Jerome Bettis all have had varying forms of bad luck since making commercials for Campbell's. What has Steelers fans worried is the fact that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger shot an ad in the spring. It only recently begin airing, and -- wouldn't you know it? -- Roethlisberger injured his ribs Dec. 26 and nearly cost his team a divisional-round playoff game against the Jets on Saturday.

Maybe Lewis is onto something.

Hungering for some Chicken Noodle,