Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First discussion meeting of city council for 2005 spends more money from 2004

City Council has a new budget for 2005. But, it is still spending money from 2004. There has always been funds that have been spent from past years. The tangled web is typical. But, because it has always been done this way can't make it right.

The city's budget for 2005 is not balanced. There is a $6-million hole where there is no legal obilgation to get money from the non-profits.

The mayor's office, the controller's office and now the sticking point comes from the clerk's office on spending of past year's money in 2006.

BTW, Bill Peduto ABSTAINED. Some leadership. Alan and Gene voted no. The others voted yes.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

I posted the following at the Draft Bill Peduto blog. Folks there want to see Bill at a sports bar with a #7 jersey. Another asked that he do the coin toss for the AFC Championship Game.

Perhaps Bill would be able to toss the coin at the january game if he still had some loose change from 2004 deep within his pockets.

Seems City Council is starting off its 2005 year by still spending down its 2004 money. This is always done. Must be right to do the same old same old.

Putting Bill around money, even a coin toss at a football game, raises alarms. Is that money from 2004 or 2005? Is Bill going to flip the coin and then shout, "ABSTAIN."

Bill did abstain about the issue of spending money for the city clerk's office from 2004.