Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lost his phone lines

Brookline Democrat Diven switches to GOP: "Harrisburg Bureau chief Tom Barnes can be reached at or 1-717-787-4254.)

Note to Tom Barnes of the PG: Please make a mention of the one who is IN the race. Duty calls. Friends, please give Tom Barnes a call and ask him to be an objective reporter and always mention all the participants in the race when talking about the 42nd race. Barnes (with the PG) has an message machine at: 717-787-4254.

To reach Diven, now that his phone lines were cut off and he didn't make other avenues available, use his cell phone: 412-418-6691.

To reach me, Mark Rauterkus, use my cell phone too: 412-298-3432.

County Council's phone, for good measure, so as to leave a message for Wayne F, 412-350-6490.

Listing the numbers is healthy as we have a lot to talk about in order to get this city and region healthy.

What's Jayson's phone contact? Is there a political office with a phone for the row office guy too?

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