Friday, January 28, 2005

TV 11 says Tom F. won't run for Mayor: No Bob vs. Tom rematch.

Four years ago as I was a candidate, it was generally Bob vs. Tom. A dozen debats had ONLY Bob and Tom. Bob and Tom each spent $1M. Frick and Frack. Machine politicians. Then Tom Murphy is out but inject a different Tom! Oh no!

Now we hear that TOM Flaherty won't run for Mayor, so says the report on TV 11.

Humm.... Months ago I would have never expected him to be a candidate. Then I was more convinced that it was possible. Tom has some capacity to get fired up. But, he'd have the potential to overheat and melt-down too. And, perhaps, there might be others out there that might try to make his road more trouble than it is worth.

The other alliance to watch is between Tom F and Bob O. Will Tom stay neutral as he is the chair of the Dem party? I can't see him being "above the fray" in terms of the back-room dealings.

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