Tuesday, January 25, 2005

My three mentions to city council on Jan 25, 05

I spoke before city council today.

1) Council gave props to two other groups who are doing fine work in terms of benefits for Asia Tsanami. Another concert is planned. It runs from 4 to midnight in the east on the 30th. I spoke quickly about the benefit on Saturday and said I had some extra CDs. I gave a few away to others in the audience and to council, the clerk and the council budget office.

Mindy Simmons is featured on the CD with her song, One World. Mindy performs on Saturday at 8 pm at First Unitarian.

The CDs have 400 images of our trip in 04 to Asia. The next round, version 2.1, is packed with even more.

2) I mentioned that the hockey lock-out was about to end. Games and activities for the Market House are due to start in mid month. More news soon, finally.

3) As for the Mt. Washington outrage and developer struggles, this is proof positive that folks on Grant Street don't generally play well with others. This whole mess should have been settled well before it hit city council. Who is doing the heavy lifting? Who is making cooperation a must-have element in our public life?

Perhaps the zoning board and the commissions should just flake into nothingness. They are not doing their jobs. Take everything to city council for a 5-4 vote.

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