Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Council in four hour meeting

Recall of Citiparks workers is due on January 25, 2005. Many fired employees are being contacted to see if they want to come back to work in their former jobs. Many retired. Many took jobs elsewhere. Some might return. Time will tell. At the end of the month, the city has a snese of who is going to return to work.

Then comes the decisions as to what to open or not.

Meanwhile, we need to open these centers. A meeting is slated for tomorrow with the Market House Childrens' Athletic Assn. board (of which I'm a member). We need to get a straight story from the those on Grant Street.

A RAD Board request to a new trust fund has been put into action. The city get a portion of the 1% sales tax. In the past this amount for the four regional parks has been $750K for capital funds and $4.6-million for operations.

The summer food program, a pass through operation from Feds to State to School to City is on again for 2005. That is a $770K program.

Mt. Washington turned out by the bus load to speak for and against a development plan on Virginia Ave. The rush to City Council again shows just how poor the system of zoning works (or doesn't work). Frustration with Grant Street is still on the rise.

A flipped car on Mission Street on the South Side slopes gives another good reason to ask for 'salt boxes.' Self preservation matters. We should do more to empower the citizens.

And permit parking on the South Side, near the South Side Hospital and the Zone 3 Police police, fire and EMS station has been delayed for a week. An officer suggested that Mary Street be turned one-way so angle parking can occur.

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