Thursday, January 20, 2005

While DC danced, we pulled nails in Carnegie.

Today the nation watched as the oath was given at noon, as per the Constitional instructions. Meanwhile, I was in Carnegie along Sixth and Fifth Ave. Yanking nails, preping for more drywall, putting buckets under a leaking roof, moving household belongings -- just lending some hands.

Lots of residents were on the edge of the creek just a few days ago. It was within four feet of an exit from the banks, again. It is way down again, perhaps 15-20 feet.

For fifty years or so, the creek was left to its own. One neighbor has common sense by saying it is the duty of Carnegie to keep the waterway clean. After the Corps of Army Engineers worked the channel -- nothing has ever been done. Decades of neglect.

Many are going bankrupt now. Others who have lost their life's savings from cars to homes to furnishings to rental incomes are on the edge. The fortunate have been able to bunk with family in other neighborhoods around the region.

But the question still that remains unsolved -- will it happen again? What can be done to dredge, clear and streamline the water's path to insure that the water flows rather than floods?

Aid to Asia, the concerns for the ones in Florida -- some hit twice within months -- and our Carnegie and Millvale (plus others) -- makes me numb. The celeb balls and DC parties don't even interest me. I didn't watch a second of it today. Not even the evening news. There is a lot of heavy lifting to do -- and it can't get done without getting some mud on the tires.

Next year, January 2006, we'll have a new mayor. If I'm in that role -- we'll hold a modest event in City Council Chambers. Then with a mass transit re-schedule, we'll hold a ten hour block party within the Wabash Tunnel. No fireworks. No Convention Center. No beer. No parade. Just Station Square, Tunnel, tunes, talk, and neighborhood reunions. And for the kids, we'll have some age-group parties that.... Hold the phone. Time will tell.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

The morning news brings a sad fact. Someone was stabbed -- and is in fatal condition. The attack happened on the same street.