Monday, January 24, 2005

Our Hockey Lock-out To Resolve Soon

The South Side Market House is a city-owned Recreation Center that should be home to kids playing hockey on the gym floor three times a week from 4 to 7:30 pm. The season has not started -- but the delay is about to end.

If you are looking for news about the city's only indoor ice-hockey facility and the saga of the now three year old lock out -- sorry. Nothing to report.

If you are looking for news of the Penguins of the NHL -- sorry.

Summary: There have been three hockey lockouts. One is about to resolve.

A meeting was held at the end of last week at the Market House. The hockey season's registration will occur on Feb. 11. The season will start soon after. Details shortly. Days are slated for Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

This fall we played indoor soccer at the Market House on a M-W-Th schedule with three age groups and parent/volunteers running ths show. The ten week season was a great success. We had our own insurance, banquet, jerseys, officials, and visit from the head coach of the Riverhounds too.

The city is now in the process of a 'call back' for the former Citipark employees. Some are gone, moved, retired, while others are waiting to see if they'll get their job back. Some of the Rec Centers are to open. The state of flux, I imagine, was caused, in part, by the staffing and employment issues.

The Market Housse is NOT one of the rec centers that is going to open. But, the city will make a new partnership the the Market House Childrens' Athletic Association, a booster group. I'm on the board there -- but I don't speak for the board or the organization. I just speak for myself, as an engaged dad and citizen who is happy that the facilities are going to be opened for the kids.

Official news to come shortly. We'll be getting the one-page handout to the local schools shortly. Calls are going out to those who have signed up in advance based on the fall season too.

Furthermore, additional adult volunteers are welcome. Parents are expected to help with fundraising and the program's operation from coaching to clean up to organizational help.

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