Saturday, January 22, 2005

Snow: Calliope concert off but Tsunami Relief Event is on.

The Calliope concert was nuked. But that was yesterday and not snow related.

Our swim meet was also called off, but that was 24 hours ago as folks were smart and looking ahead.

Update as to the benefit concert follows:


As my dad the pilot used to say, we're having some weather. As of right this minute (10ish Saturday morning) South Side is strangely quiet, not even quiet but more kind of.... muffled?... but there are still cars and people and buses, so the city does not seem to have shut completely down yet.

As far as tonigh, do what you can. If you cannot get to the theater, it's understood completely. If you can get to the theater, I don't know what kind of audience, if any, to expect. We just have to see what happens. We have ten cases of beer, so maybe we'll just sit around drinking with each other until I decide it's a good time to unearth my old burlesque routines and demonstrate that "In The Hall Of The Mountain King" from Grieg's PEER GYNT is, indeed, a good song to strip to.

I'm en route to the theater now and will be there through the early afternoon. If anything changes I'll send another e-mail. Hopefully I’ll see all y'all tonight. I mean, it’s just snow.


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