Sunday, January 09, 2005

Mayoral candidates turn on, tune in

E. Heyl on "Some could accuse me of trivializing the nascent mayor's race by asking such a seemingly irrelevant and ridiculous question.

I would respond that given the restrictions now placed on the position, thanks to a dozen years of Murphy's bungling, his successor will require more than significant vision.

The new mayor also will need a significant fondness for television.

Makes no sense to waste the breath or even the recycled electrons to accuse Eric Heyl of trivializing, except to point out that I wasn't called to get MY opinions. How ironic.

Eric, feel free to call anytime, 412-298-3432.

Since the question has been asked, my reply is "Lassie." Talked about the dog in a recent post. Show was good family excitement, kid centric, inspiring, injected powers of the natural / organic nature, not some ghosts from some twilight zone.

I do like to eat big bowls of cereal and swimming pools, but that isn't enough to endear me to the Beverly Hillbillies.

As for the parades, it won't be long until the overlords nuke them from our civic landscape too. They might need to do so as the roads are just too dangerous to walk as a parade route. Potholes kill! You know, Pittsburgh only has enough money to repave four miles of roads for 2005. Our infrastructure needs more than a band-aid.

Other tv favorites, old re-runs of City Council on tape. Those were the days. Would be nice to reflect upon the old old days. I like the episode from 2003 when council approved the $250,000 for hanging plants. The tension mounted as the next week the citizens were urged to beg to Harrisburg as there wasn't any money.

Another older tv favorite of mine: The Art of News. I helped with that show. It ran on PCTV. In one episode I play an actor about dog-fighting in Fox Chapel. Funny stuff.

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