Friday, January 21, 2005


Come on out for a great time among community. Many artists and performers are joining together.
In the Wings: 1/21/05A partial list of acts: Ruth Draper monologue by Kyle Wagner; musical selections from Doug Levine and Karen Dryer; short play by Chance D. Muehlick, LIVE Theater Company; short play by Jason Planitzer, the Summer Company; short play 'Twist & Lout,' with Brennan and Daniel Krell; reading of Walt Whitman by Martin Giles; excerpt from 'Mrs. Shakespeare' with Yvonne Hudson; excerpt from 'Daddy's Girl' with Kendra McLaughlin; Shakespearean sonnets, by Unseam'd Shakespeare, with Elena Alexandratos, John Shepard, Mark Staley; performance monologue by The Tortured Genius; spoken word by Nathan James; poetry by Bob Scott and The Dirty Poet; multimedia installation by Mark Rauterkus; storyteller Alan Irvine; reading by Kevin Clark Forsythe; sword solo from Olivia Kissel, Zafira Dance Company. Whew!

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