Thursday, January 27, 2005

Obituary: William J. Schofield III

I will miss, as will countless others, Mr. Schofield. He was a giant in many ways. I was always warm to talk with him. Open, candid, and such a dad. He was a swimming parent -- for sure. His son, no pup now, is a coach. Mr. Schofield, we'll miss you.
Obituary: William J. Schofield III / Insurance executive with knack for politics and community service: "William J. Schofield III, a successful Shaler insurance executive with a booming voice who was involved in local Republican politics, died Monday of an apparent heart attack. He was 78."


In 1984, Mr. Schofield was defeated by Larry Dunn for the position of county Republican Party chairman. Mr. Schofield had campaigned on a pledge to shake up the GOP establishment from the top down.

He contended that the party apparatus had neglected local campaigns, siphoned local funds into state and national races and generally was responsible for a decline in the number of GOP elected officials, morale and achievement in Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.

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