Friday, January 07, 2005

Dog suggesions from a dog kinda guy who owns a cat

Boggers are good for pet talk and cat photos. I should do more along these topics. So, here goes a letter just sent. Fellow is thinking of getting a dog for his family. They live in Little Boston.

Consider a collie -- like Lassie. Great with kids. Gentle but puts up a great game with you and can run and swim well too.

My dog was 3/4 collie and 1/4 St. Bernard. He came to me in college and would swim while I windsurfed. (Woops, as a candidate I don't want to get that windsurfer image out into the voters minds. :)

He would also run along the sidewalks as I biked. And, he was great while I was a swim coach. He'd circle the swim pool, (hearding instincts), while the kids swam practices (weekends only when no others from the public would be at the pool). Then when a kid would get out for a drink or a bathroom break -- my dog would follow the kid and watch and protect. Great way to motivate the kids to get back into the swim pool to rejoin the team at practice.

My swimmers / teams always work hard for for themselves with me as their coach -- the dog story is very effective to prove the point on the dog breed choice.

If I didn't live in the city -- no yard -- we'd be getting a dog too. Plus, we travel a bit too much for a dog or puppy now.

And, our cat is 16 years old.

Next, any tips on dealing with a cat that is going senile? She's started crying in the middle of day or night -- sorta like she is lost. Not good for sleep.

Finally, I'm a dog guy. That needs to get out there just in case I run against the guy who sells the dog licenses. :)

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Piltdown Man said...

I had a cat who lived to be about 20 before we had to put him down. He too, cried in the night like your's does.

I think their eyesite and sense of smell and direction declines and they just don't know where they are. Our old guy wanted to be with us constantly and would climb back and forth up the stairs, even though he had arthritis...

Piltdown Man