Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Campiagn Finance Reform Bill held for 12 weeks

Bill Peduto's half-baked bill about campaign finance reform was held for 12 weeks. It seems Bill has hand picked a group of citizens to make a better plan and law. Meanwhile, three on council spoke well to the list that Bill put on the table. The list was weak -- to say the least.

The list didn't include me.

The list has some nice people. Some people I know well and work with including Evans Moore of PIIN, Celeste Taylor (a community star in many ways), the League of Women's Voters leader who gave me props at the public hearing, and Mike English of PUMP.

The list was read and not made public by Bill. I'll make it public as I pry it out into the open.

Sala U., Alan H., and Gene R., each on council, raised serious questions to Bill's move by putting that list together so as to exclude others who are on the inside of this issue and have first hand knowledge.

Bill Peduto makes another fumble on this important issue. Sure, Bill took the ball and ran like the wind -- down field for 30 zig-zaged yards. But then he fumbles. With fumbles along the way, this is no gain. Making a fumble is a worse outcome.

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