Thursday, January 27, 2005

Radio shows - Here I come Homespun!

Called into the Bowyer show today. Talked a moment about the race for state senate. Tonight at a school meeting, "key communicators," one of the fellow parents came up to me and said she heard the call. She had a lot to say about the players involved.

Furthermore, I hope I was able to get Doug of Homespun Bloggers the content for the radio show he's been coordinating. Should be fun. I'm just getting some elbow room to do more with those elements in the production aspects.

Yesterday I was on hold for 20-minutes to the Boywer show and had to bolt. Spoke to the producer and just couldn't wait any longer. Not fun being behind a caller who is a real bible technical debater as those calls can eat up the minutes.

The theme then was about Pittsburgh and hitting bottom. One prior caller gave a recap of the Sala Udin rant about how he wanted to abolish the I.C.A. -- or ask that the state do that. Then the comment was, wrongly, that no others were standing up against such foolishness. Well, there is some opposition to Sala on council. I heard Alan H. say that Sala has as much chance of getting rid of the I.C.A. as they did in getting a $144 Occupation / Commutter tax. Some do have cooler heads, but then again Alan H. is about to leave city council as he is NOT seeking re-election this year.

In a nutshell, Pittsburgh has yet to hit bottom. And, I'm optimistic.

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