Sunday, January 23, 2005

Chess match: Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda -- playing chess

Got the ball inside the five, 14-points down and fourth down.

Time to play chess.

See comments for more insights.


Anonymous said...

Chessfriends -

Your children are invited to participate in the children's version of the City Championship for chess on February 12 at Brashear High School. The official
name of the tournament is the "2005 Pittsburgh
Scholastic Chess Championship," and it is open to all
children in grades K-12, regardless of where they

For this event, students who attend public schools in
the Pittsburgh School district will recieve a free US
Chess Federation membership if they have never joined
or their membership is expired. For students who are
age 14 and under, this is a $13 value. For students
who older, this is a $25 value. If your child attends
the Pittsburgh Public Schools, do not miss this
special offer!

Please do not be intimidated by the fact that this is
the "City Championship". As always, in my tournaments
the children are separated into different sections by
grade and playing level so that everyone from
"beginner" to "champion" can compete and have fun.
The entry form with full details has been posted
online here:

Note: Entries will be accepted until Feb 11, but you
save five dollars if you register by January 31. By
the way, Brashear High School is easy to get to. It
is 5 minutes and only two turns from the Liberty
Tubes. Directions are on the website.

Chess tournaments are lots of fun. If your child can
play without assistance and carry out simple
checkmates when they are way ahead, they are ready to
try a tournament. Besides fun, they can also win
prizes. We will award at least 50 trophies as well as
numerous ribbons for individual achievement. We will
also award trophies to the top 3 schools with 4 or
more participants. (If 4 or more children from your
school attend, they automatically count as a team).

If you prefer classes for your child, I run Sunday
afternoon classes all year round at the Pittsburgh
Chess Club. Beginners meet from 2:30-3:30pm and
Intermediate players from 1-2pm. Our next set of
classes start February 27.

If your child has played before, and you want to look
up your latest rating or look up the top players in
our area, please take advantage of my website. On the
following page, classes and tournaments are at the
top, and links to ratings and more are listed at the
bottom of the page. Here is the link for Western PA
Youth Chess Info:

I would like to wish everyone well and I look forward
to seeing your family at one of our chess activites!

Jerry Meyers, Chessmaster
Western PA Youth Chess/Pittsburgh Chess Club

Anonymous said...

24 points off turnovers?

Won't win many games like that...terrible performance tonight.

Mark Rauterkus said...


Great season. Get em next year.

Life goes on.