Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Earl Jones opts out of Mayor's Race, official news

Earl Jones, Dem, leader of a peace on Earth campaign, retired, candidate for public office in many races in the past, told me HIMSELF, he is NOT going to run for mayor in 2005.

This news means Dave Copeland, http://www.DaveCopeland.com, a former Trib reporter and editor, is now back in play. Dave made mention in past blog postings elsewhere that he was one who was leaning toward tossing his support to Mr. Jones. I'm not sure if Earl's pull for Dave was because of his 'family values' stance or his full head of grey hair, despite being in his 70s.

I'm sure Earl is NOT going to run. Last week I broke bad news on the blog about another fence sitting candidate who is skating around these days.

Earl feels can can do more for everyone's benefit if he stayed out of the race and kept all his options open.

Once Earl ran a race against Tom Flaherty and nearly won the Sq. Hill neighborhoods, while getting 26% of the vote. (Earl told me that too.) Go to work fact checkers, please.

Earl's wife, bless her heart, passed away last year.

The one to wear the biggest smile on this news has to be County Councilman, Rich Fitzgerald. Earl seldom speaks without getting in a slam or dig against him.

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