Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Spoke to two standing room only audiences tonight

Busy night. First double header of the season with double presentations (both short) and two power meetings with supporters as well.

The Democracy Meet Up generated the following feedback from me to the organizers. (Photos in another posting above.)

Good discipline. Good sticking to the agenda. Thanks for having all three speakers. Would not do a TV thing in the future.

I'll post my reactions to what was said in terms of the candidates' talking points at my blog -- -- in the next 24 hours. There were some biggie statements made that won't fly for long if these guys (Bill Peduto and Michael Lamb) want to run with Bob O'Connor. We've got to have public discussion on these ideas and real issues debate. That would help the candidates and the community.

To be progessive is to be able to and welcome the opportunity to "THINK AGAIN."

I want change. I want real change. I hate way the city's elected politicians have let the city spiral downward so far. We'll have to rebound with not only new people, but also with the right ideas. Personally I'm scared by SOME what I heard from Peduto and Lamb. We had better have a great INDEPENDENT option in the GENERAL Election. That's what I hope to deliver, if I'm not hired as State Senator first.

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Anonymous said...

Bobby O all the way!