Thursday, March 03, 2005

Hope in this time, or not. FAQ & A from email.

Someone wrote to me and stated: "At this point in time, I do not see third parties as a realistic option. Sorry."

At this time I don't find much hope in the Dem party when it comes to advancement of the necessary leadership for Pittsburgh and the region.

One party rule is hopeless.

If you agree that the Dems have killed this city -- and are making a heavy weight for the region -- then we should easily agree that other options are not only viable -- but mandatory.

I want to be making history -- not be a slave of it.

In the PA Senate race, we have a Dem who won't resign from county council, in spite of the county charter that requires it. And the other old party candidate was a D, now an R, due to money to cover his past debt and springboard him to tv ads.

I think I'm a viable alternative, and the only real alternative to the status quo. Both of my opponents have been making the problems we face more difficult.

With some help, the viability of the campaign increases. With help, the opportunities to make a bigger difference are more robust.

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