Friday, March 04, 2005

Resignation waves, and Michael Lamb won't stand with me on the request.

I was asked by a State Rep via email:
Why not file for a declaratory judgment? You can accomplish the appropriate result and get some press.

Press is coming. (I think I can, i think I can, i think i can...) Watch for a letter by a long-time friend in the PG. I talked with a reporter from the Trib. Two days ago I gave a KQV interview. The South Pgh Reporter was going to follow-up and City Paper showed some interest.

I'm one who is NOT in favor of running to the courts to settle our issues. I'd rather keep pressing the voters.

Every hour Fontana does NOT resign he drops another 50 votes.

Let him not resign. I still win. I'm a "champion of democracy."

Meanwhile at a downtown event this morning, I got to direct a question to Michael Lamb. Lamb should know the county charter. Lamb is in the same county district as Wayne Fontana. Lamb is a leader among Dems. Lamb is a reform kinda-guy, so he says.

I asked Michael Lamb to stand with me and join in with the call for an immediate resignation of Fontana.

Michael Lamb said "No."


Andrew L said...

And what might our "esteemed" County Executive, Mr. Dan Onorato, have to say?

(Did Bill Peduto weigh in on this at all?)

Anonymous said...

Lamb has no shot at the Mayor's office.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Peduto was aware of the noise over at the discussions on

I've not put this to Onorato. He is another branch, so I thought he'd want to stay out of this at first blush.

Ask him.

What do you think about it?