Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Street cars are wished for by O'Connor

PennLive.com: NewsFlash - PA Western Pa Briefs : "The streetcars would promote development in the city and encourage people to live downtown, O'Connor said Monday..

Pittsburgh used to be full of street cars. In the old days, one could take a street cars from Pittsburgh to Washington PA. Kennywood Park came into being because it was a destination for a company, a private company, that owned the street car line.

In the old days, we used to have inclines too. Now there are two. In the past, the South Side had a dozen or so.

We have light rail, and that is much like a modern street car line. It goes to Overbrook and the South Hills. The street car goes up and over Arlington Road and makes for a bypass of the Liberty Tunnel.

The key to the success of the city and the region is not to live in a fantasy world.

We could run select street cars on select routes in a successful way. But, we can't be going in the wrongheaded directions with light rail expansion at the same time.

A glass enclosed T-stop at Gateway Center, as is the current plan for an existing stop's re-do, is not a net gain. Let's build a new subway stop where there isn't already a subway stop.

The last new subway stop was built at PNC's Firstside. That wasn't a net gain to the system.

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