Friday, March 04, 2005

Wilburn, Director of Social Policy and Research reports:

The release on Fontana was very good. Your comments on WDUQ yesterday about transportation was on target as well.

At this point Fontana is running on his record as County Councilman and banking on his name recognition. Diven is trying to run on being a Republican puts him in with the majority party in Harrisburg, thus able to do more for Pittsburgh. What he forgot to consider is that this is a Democratic strong hold, bad mouthing Dems do not get many D votes. He also will be running having to deal with his switch. Switching is not one of those things that go over well in Iron City.

Notice that none of them are ready to address state issues. Right now the field is yours. Getting our top issues out there may enable you to have them playing catch up. We could set the direction of the short lived campaign and get people to take notice.

Good job, if only we had some money.

Take Care,

Wilburn Hayden, Jr.

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