Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Bounty Hunter oversight from Walko -- meanwhile we're 100 police officers light

Democratic State Represenative, Don Walko, of the North Side is pushing for new state requirements of Bounty Hunters. Jango Fett, watch out. You're not welcome here much longer.

Who are some bounty hunter characters from the movies or TV from wild west settings?

The PA Senate Judiciary Committee had a new law in committee a couple of years ago. It didn't go anywhere. Walko is in the house committee and he aims to push for the re-introduction of new measures.

The plan is to make the bounty hunters follow some extra rules set by the judges and the courts. What exactly, I'm not sure. Rep Walko, please share the details.

The matter has come to the front burner as two bounty hunters recently were in the course of their jobs in the North Side and shots were fired with rubber bullets -- and the fugitive died. Alleged. This hasn't been put to court. The DA is investigating.

One guy is dead. He jumped bail. He was in Pittsburgh hanging out and had been in trouble elsewhere.

We are to the point now where we should be empowering bounty hunters. Let's invite them to Pittsburgh, and Pennsylvania. Let's not make it more troublesome for the guys who are working against trouble makers.

Mine is a tough on crime stance. Walko's isn't.

A woman small business owner in Oakland was robbed and on the TV news the other day. She begged for more police on the streets and slammed Pgh's Chief of Police, Robert McN, by name.

The city council president, Gene R., was on KQV's live line (Jan 4, 2005) and was asked about the police force strength directly. Interview host asked, "Do you think the people of Pittsburgh should feel safe now that the police force is at 800 rather than 900?"

Gene said, "Absolutely not." Gene then went on to talk about the quick need and support for the two new classes of police recruits that are to be trained and hired this year.

There is another example of the trend: Too little and too late. Now the force is too small. The new hires are coming too late.

Meanwile, in Harrisburg, our State Rep wants to make it more difficult to get the bad guys off the streets. Putting more red tape and burdens before the small business people who are helping bring bail bond skippers before the judges is wrongheaded.

Furthermore, this situation comes without any update as to how short we are in terms of police cars. What's happening at the shop now? And, the Citizens Police Academy is gone as well. I want to restart the Citizens Police Academy, and make it pay for itself. It could be a revenue source!

We could ask Plex, #80 for the Steelers, for the first donation to restart the Citizens Police Academy. On Sunday, while he's on the road wiht the team, three alleged theives hit his home and take some $65,000 with other goodies. Thank heavens for our nebby neighborhood ways -- as they were caught.

Keep up the good work neighbors. Go out of your way to watch out, make calls, and stay aware.

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