Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Hertzberg won't seek another council term

Hertzberg won't seek another council term: "Councilman Alan Hertzberg announced yesterday that he will not seek a fourth term representing the city's western neighborhoods."

Another bites the dust.

I like Alan for a number of resons, personal and professional. He's a swimmer, triathlete, lawyer (and there are few on council), has put forth the idea of reform for the Pittsburgh Development Fund. Alan was in the the Mayor's plan and was on the URA Board. But, then he fell out of favor and was punished by the mayor. He was taken off the board and I suspect given the silent treatment for the next couple of years.

On the other hand, Alan was going the wrong way on WE-HAV. And, I can't figure out why. He didn't, to my knowledge, stand to defend the program and the entire endeavor.

The wild card in this move is his ambitions. Alan could make a decent candidate for Mayor. His name has been tossed into the discussions. Alan might need a break from office -- but he'll be back. Alan isn't like Dan Cohen or Barbara Burns, both former city council members who have worn out their times in public office and won't be back in any great capacity.

Finally, it is great to see the on-time announcement of Alan's intentions. It isn't early, nor late, just right as it should be. That resignation shows good respsonsibility and duty on his part.

Now the race can begin in earnest in the district. I love it. I want a race. I would love to see a few good people kick into high gear and awaken the area's political hunger. That area has been alive already to some degree. But, it is now okay to kick it up a notch or ten.

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