Saturday, January 01, 2005

Pitt over rated -- not really. Rather, the Big East was over privileged.

Pitt went (or really is still) against a GREAT Utah team. But Pitt wasn't ever over rated. Pitt's ranking was always within the realm of what was accurate. Rather, Pitt got into the B.C.S. game and its New Year's Day date because of privilege. The victors of the Big East got this right. The right was earned by the Pitt squad. But, the Big East rode into that game based upon its reputation of by-gone years.

Pitt wasn't so lucky. It isn't luck to get matched with an undefeated team. It isn't lucky to take a slot that others craved and would have better hopes of playing toe to toe with the competition.

The Big East was lucky. And, Pitt was fortunate in that it gets a big payday.

I hate privilege and love being pragmatic. So, in an ideal world, Pitt would get to take a pass on the BCS Bowl slot, but somehow gets to keep its share of the income for that game. If I'm a wonk from the NCAA, Big East or even Pitt, I'm trying to make that type of co-op deal early in the get-a-long. It was a bad sign as the Big East was sicking the lawyers on BC (Boston College) and the others (Va Tech, etc.) trying to force intra-league glue and friendships.

I was happy to see Walt Harris get the opportunity to coach the game. I would have liked to have seen the new coach in an interview from the TV box, in person, at the Bowl game. Pitt's new coach was on the phone from South Florida. Keep him off the sideline, but he could have done hall duty at the hotel and operated a video camera.

My cousin is in Gainesville, and I bet they're psyched. The Gators are going to have a spunky swamp in the years to come -- with flea-flickers off of screen passes.

As the third quarter ends, I hope we might be wishing for "the slide" if it subtracts 5-minutes off of the game clock.


Anonymous said...

Urban Meyers offense that he runs at Utah won't work in the SEC.

Wanny did the right thing by not being at the game. It wasn't his game to be at.

And thank God the Walt Harris era is over at Pitt.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The Walt era is over -- but I'm far more excited to have the Steve P (former AD) era end. But, perhaps we'll have to get the roof leak fixed before the Steve P era is really behind us. (Can't squander the opportunity to get in a dig at him.)

As for Dave W being at home -- I sorta agree that I didn't want the new coach to be IN the game. I was wanting him to be with the TEAM and perhaps AT the game. Yes, it wasn't his game to be IN. And, it isn't his TEAM to lead. But, this is almost asking for those there to split hairs -- and it is harder to navigate. So, staying home is simple and can't HURT you.

(Doing not the best things isn't the way to WIN.)