Monday, January 03, 2005

Research requested: Could this be true? Dysan Development is who?

Carl Sutter, 412-922-5668 (his phone # published with permission of course) asks some questions and sets the stage on a puzzle. Things like this happen too frequently. Can some here, smarter than me, dig on this and get report back on the finding. Post to the comments or email or call.

Seems Dysan Development, LLC is a PA firm. How do you find out who's there? Is there DBA database somewhere with PA State? My searching at and were fruitless.

Seems that a property in the city, 60 Greenway Drive, in Sheridan section, was sold July 17, 2004. It went from one owner to the West Pittsburgh Partnership for $1. Assessed value via the County website was $560k. Then on the same day it went to the new owner for $100K. And, the new owner might be a board member at the West Pittsburgh Partnership.

Humm... I'm not saying its all true. But, who can deny it or provide details?

Thanks for your help and clarifications.


Anonymous said...

the name is Dysan Development LLC

Carl should take a walk down to the Recorder of Deeds and see the deed, and see who signed it. That's a start.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the company name spelling insight.