Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tonight's meeting: Democracy For Pittsburgh is at Mario's South Side

Perhaps I'll see you at this event. I'll be there, just after I give public comment in the County's Gold Room about my objections to the TIF at Deer Creek. We don't need subsidy retail plans in eco treasures.

I'm on the agenda, and I'll be quick. Next month I'll air out a few more items and issues.

DemocracyForPittsburgh - January 2005 Meetup


6:00pm Happy Hour/Dinner
7:00pm Announcements
* Janis Williams, Trip to DC to demand challenge to election results
* David Tessitor, The Pittsburgh Open Government Initiative:
* Matt Preston, Pittsburgh VIE: need data entry help
* Ed Dobson, Flood Aid report
* New North Pittsburgh Meetup Group (Baden, PA):
* New Organizing Meeting: January 12, location TBA. Please sign up if interested.
* Upcoming Event: Inaugural House Parties: January 20

7:15 pm Watch video from DFA: 'How Democrats and Progressives Can Win: Solutions from George Lakoff'
7:40 pm Discussion and exercise
8:00pm Special Guests about Pittsburgh Mayor's race:
Bill Peduto and Mike Lamb scheduled to speak. Also Mark Rauterkus, time permitting.
Wrap-up (stick around as late as you like)

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