Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Traffic update and radio reports from the Wabash Tunnel

Yesterday was the first real rush hour for the Wabash Tunnel in outbound directions. Our drive at 4:45 pm was without another soul -- forward or back -- for the entire distance of the tunnel.

It felt like a ghost tunnel.

Rush hour is brewing all around the city, but not there.

We should be blasting traffic reports on the radio from the Wabash Tunnel.

My suggestions:

1. Drop the HOV (2 or more people needed at certain times) requirement all the time. I love car pools. But, I hate waste. If it becomes used in the future, put the HOV restrictions back into effect.

2. Make the other lane open to bikes, peds, blades and parents pushing stollers.

This makes is a nice short cut if you want to walk or jog from Brashier High School to downtown. Or, if it isn't being used, it might be nice to run in the tunnel at lunch hour if you worked in town.

The Wabssh Tunnel would make a nice TRAIL addition. It always could have been a trail facility. Tom Murphy can't even open up the HOT METAL Bridge for peds. That is another high priority that I saw years ago.

Let's think again. The Wabash Tunnel was last ueed ago some time ago -- like when this TOWN was run by REPUBLICANS. Hey, we can open the Wabash Tunnel -- and perhaps that opens up the ghost of political parties of the past and future as well.

Finally, if I'm elected mayor, or I should type, when I'm elected mayor, we'll hold the block party and gala within the Wabash Tunnel. That's the January venue and place to be for an all-night party in 2006.

We can't allow for big expenses to occur within the city and the county for things like the Wabash Tunnel. We're burning money. We're not able to do the things we need to do and are doing the wrongheadead -- and won't get ahead.

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