Thursday, February 10, 2005

Another mention in the press -- and I'm 45 years old.

The line up of candidates in the PA Senate's special election is getting confusing. Let's use ages like jersey numbers as the buzzer sounds at a basketball game to call for subsitutions: Now entering the game for the Democrats,...

Eileen Wager = #60
Mark Rauterkus = #45
Michael Diven = #34
David Jayson = #36 (recently elbowed out of the game)
Joe Scioscia = #48

Another Wagner - Mark Rauterkus, of the South Side, is running as a Libertarian.


Thomas Leturgey said...

Don't know how the age thing originated, but especially in cities or other large metropolitan areas where there might be two Mark Rauterkus' one that's 45 or another who's 67 and has odd hobbies.

It's also important to list ages when a father and son share the same name.

It's also important when someone who shares your name becomes an assassin or other infamous criminal.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Trivia: There is another Mark Rauterkus out in the world. He is an elected official, a Dem, in a Red-state. Meanwhile, I'm in a blue-state and not a Dem.

A reporter found him and asked me a weird question four years ago. He asked, what's up with Encampment, WY? Say what, I asked?

We are distant cousins, perhaps sharing great-grand parents.

When we traveled to Wyoming this fall, I wanted to hook up with him, but it was not to be. That state is big and our trip was brief.

Perhaps I'll have him come to town as our guest or do a video testimonial and we'll stream it from our site. I'm not too sure of his age either. I think he is a few years my senior. His kid is in college. None are named Mark. Nor are my kids named Mark Jr.