Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Any friends within the banking and/or credit union business with an extra 20-hours or even five hours in the next two weeks?

Request: A project just hatched. It needs some attention right away. This is a call for a volunteer or a few volunteers to help. The project is more for the benefit of the community and not for So, anyone could be welcomed to participate.

If you are willing to work with and among those in the banking industry, please send me an email and note your contact information. Tasks include, writting, outreach, a few phone calls for advance research, follow-ups, presentation crafting, emailing (of course), assisting, and an eventual media release.

From start to finish, this should be a project that takes two weeks. Then it ends.

Here is an opportunity to play a role in the ongoing efforts for reform and new ideas within our political landscape. Participate! Life isn't a spectator sport. This is strictly volunteer efforts.

Email me at:

Thanks for the consideration. My cell: 412 298 3432.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

One person has replied to the call. A Mellon person. She told me about "TRUSTS" and is to call on a few within the firm she knows.