Monday, February 28, 2005

Meet Joe Weinroth -- and bonus audio available

Jon Delano wrote in his email to PSFs:
By the way, the Republicans may have a candidate for mayor. He is real estate attorney Joe Weinroth, vice chair of the city's Republican Party and an elected state commiteeman from Squirrel Hill. Weinroth was a delegate at the Republican Convention this summer, and he is an articulate and passionate spokesman for his viewpoint. He tells me he's not 100 percent sure he will run, but his petitions are being circulated.
Joe was a speaker at an event I organized in 2001 with Josh Pollock. Josh and I had been candidates for Mayor. The event was at the Carnegie Library of Oakland Lecture Hall, but not sponsored by them. We had two days of podium talks and one day had a real live debate with an expert moderator / editor from The New

Joe Weinroth, then a candidate for city council, gave a 10-minute podium talk. I have that talk in an audio file, a MP3. It is rather large. However, I'd be happy to send it out to people interested in hearing it. Send me an email and I'll send it to you via email as an attachment.

In the weeks to come, I might put the file on my web site, if there is a demand.

Joe's comments were fine. Nothing great, nothing harmful.

We need people to plan and host real candidate forums in the weeks to come. Are you associated with an effort to do this important work for voter education? Church groups, sports groups, civic groups, library patrons, and non-political groups need to get into the fray from time to time and host pan-partisan events. Generally the political groups only want to promote their own candidates. So, it takes a village to get beyond and out of the rut for a wide range of discussions.

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