Thursday, February 24, 2005

Public transit: No more band-aids.

State funding dedicated to public transportation obviously is a problem. I (and for those who depend on public transit) hope we see our State Senate and Governor, act responsibly. Pass permanent legislation to provide permanent, dedicated funding to public transit. Public transportation is vital to a thriving, growing area.

Given the population demise in Pittsburgh, along with the rising tax structures in Allegheny County, related municipalities and school district, why did the management of the Port Authority of Allegheny County not take earlier steps to tighten its own belt?

Several years ago after a rate increase, as an employee of a downtown company, I took the personal steps on my own. My former bus commute became a 3o minute walk. I made the decision to walk from home to work and back. I was lucky that I had the choice, the good health and the modest distance for a daily hike. Unfortunately, many others are dependent on public transporation and can't take the same simple steps.

The importance of public transportation is noted at Summary: "Public transportation provides greater freedom, access, opportunity and choice for Americans. It also strengthens America's communities by stimulating the economy, reducing traffic congestion, decreasing dependency on foreign oil, preserving a healthy, safe environment and creating jobs…"

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