Monday, February 21, 2005

New candidate jumps into race in Dem's field for PA Senate

Tonight I got to meet and greet in the 4th Ward (Oakland) and heard an interesting point among the presentations of judge candidates.

Seems that a candidate from the western suburbs, a state rep, jumped into the race against County Councilman Wayne Fontana for the Dem's endorsement. That is a new wrinkle -- if not shock. Seems that the cages rattled a bit with the news of a possible run by Eileen Wagner, but, that was just noise. This isn't.

More news later.


Anonymous said...

Nick Kotik is his name.

He is the state rep down in John Weinstein's area. This sets up John Weinstein to run for the State Rep seat I'm guessing.

Mark Rauterkus said...

The skinney that came to me is that the above flow of events does NOT make much sense. The TREASURER job is a better job than that of a state rep. State Reps need to run every other year. Tres. is a 4-year term. Treas has no travel, except to Grant Street. Treas also has a greater number of jobs, hence political power.