Friday, February 25, 2005

Nonprofits joining to make payments to city

Here comes the formation of another hand-picked, non-elected board for oversight. Charters and consitutions -- not needed. Rules of operation only get in the way to those who are with power. Elections are not welcomed either.

When the city is in the role of begger -- the city can't expect anything else other than crumbs from the willing. This is not a healthy position for the city. The downward spiral continues.
Nonprofits joining to make payments to city The city's nonprofits stepped closer to collecting the $6 million in voluntary payments included in Pittsburgh's 2005 city budget today with the naming of a 12-member board to oversee the funding.

I'd love to be proven wrong, but it's my opinion that the formation of a board is but one step in a journey that would span 10,000 miles. Most people can get into the airplane, some can fly a plane, and few can land it in a safe way. The journey's destination is a long way into the future.

However, I feel that the journey picks up speed after the present mayor departs and again after the next mayor is in office.

This fine group of people have their own jobs to do with their own institutions. Fixing the city isn't their prime motivations in life. They may plod along and suprise us -- but I'm not expecting greatness nor leadership for the city's mess. They'll lend a hand. But, the best way for them to help is to have new city leadership. Then the next mayor can pull them along quickly.

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