Thursday, February 24, 2005

Peduto a hockey player

Peduto officially enters mayoral race Peduto, a hockey player, noted that the United States Olympic hockey team won a gold medal 25 years ago today, two days after beating the favored Soviet Union team in the so-called 'Miracle on Ice.'

Pittsburgh has a marathon runner in the mayor's office now and the city doesn't even have a marathon any longer. The marathon ended on Murphy's watch. But, he's on the way out.

Peduto, a hockey player, has been on city council while the lone indoor ice rink in the city has stayed closed. So our next mayor could be like our last. A hockey guy with no hockey venue just as a marathon runner without a home-town race.

If Bill wants to run as a miracle hockey player -- he'd better think a bit about the now closed indoor ice rink. I've done everything I can do. But, I'm not holding elected office.

Furthermore, Bill comes over to the South Side to announce his campaign's start. Welcome to the neighborhood. He wanted to stand on the roof of an old building and look out over the city's skyline. Sounds like my house. But, he went to Terminal Way, a building that's crawling with a lot of non-profits now. That site used to be for commerce and wealth creation.

Bill's arrival into the race is welcomed. His winning the office, that is another matter to be sure. Time will tell.

Last night Bill came over to a meeting I was attending, "Drinking Liberally." Good to hear from him there. He said that a number of his views in the last three years had changed. I've noticed. I expect that the transformation will continue in the next three years as well.

Bill and I agree in most places as to the problems. So, as he talks, he is about 75% right on with my perspectives too. However, that last bit as to how to fix things -- he turns to a solution of a super authority, an authority over all other authories, as in transit. Ouch.

But, there is something to be said for talking it out.

In an email his office needs lamps, folders, computer monitors, furnature. Send that to him if you have it. I don't need any of that for my office. We're covered. However, I'm in the market for 6,000 blank CDs, jewel cases optional.

My wish list: CDs. Pointers and blank media welcomed.


Anonymous said...

Hey all! Mayorial candidate Michael Lamb will stop by Drinking
Liberally on Tuesday, March 1 to discuss his campaign and ideas!
Please stop by and contribute your input! Our chat with Bill Peduto
last week was very informative. This coming event is one you do not
want to miss. I'm still trying to land Bob O'Connor, but no word from
him yet.


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