Saturday, February 19, 2005

Steelers drop nightclub plan, look to reduce amphitheater

Steelers drop nightclub plan, look to reduce amphitheater
The amphitheater grant was criticized by some who did not believe Rendell should be awarding money to a successful private sports franchise.

The sweet smell of victory, again. The victory is not in the fact that little is happening. Rather, the victory is in the fact that the Murphy vision is more of a memory than a "done deal." The corporate welfare stinks. The real solutions to the North Side have to include a re-look at the promises offered to the ball teams. They had to put up or else. They had a timeline too. Extensions were already offered on a few instances. They can't deliver on their own.

The baseball team and the football team needs to stick to the games of their own leagues. They teams are sure to make horrid developers. They've proven that already. The teams are sure to be horrid neighbors too, for working people. But I'm sure that the teams would never see it as such.

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