Sunday, February 13, 2005

Libertarians gather for the monthly meeting this week. Join us if you wish.

The February meeting of the Libertarian Party of Allegheny County is starts at 7 pm on this coming Wednesday, February 16, at Ritters Diner on Baum Blvd.

All are welcome to attend.

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SUGGESTED AGENDA- please make any suggested changes before
the next meeting.


Call to order 7-ish.
Read the previous minutes from Jan. for approval.
(they are attached below)

Treasurer's Report

Outreach report- The Pitt Libertarians showed the movie
"Unconstitutional" recently. Can the Pitt or CMU
Libertarians host a presentation from the Pa Fair Tax people
this spring?

Mark C. has developed a flyer for the Rauterkus campaign.
We should get it corrected, approved and printed up.

We need to get names together for the Advocate's yearly
Lights of Liberty awards ceremony.

Ron Goodman has switched from Press releases to managing the
state convention, so we are encouraged to write some press
releases and distribute them statewide until the end of


Candidate Report- Mark Rauterkus has recruited Robert
Olbensky, who wants to run for Sala Udin's seat on Pgh City

Mark R can fill us in on his campaign so far. Maybe
we can develop a list of things the LPPgh can do for his
campaign, and accompany him on some of his campaign stops.

Mark Crowley has designed a rough draft of a flyer for the
Rauterkus campaigns.

We also need to recruit some candiates for JoE, IoE, and
other municipal offices.

We have to make absolutely sure that the paperwork gets in
on time for Mark R. to become the LPPgh's candidate in the
Dist 42 special election.


Technology Report- We still need a replacement for info @ but we are using right now.

The state party has developed a new set of bulletin boards.
They allow each project (membership, convention,
fundraising, etc) to have its own separate area for

Any other reports?






We should print a first run of the Rauterkus for State
Senate brochure. We also need to get the filing done for
the special election done ahead of time. This may involve
coordination with the state party. We need to develop
answers and talking points to various issues that may arise
in the state senate, city council and mayoral campaigns.

What about a campus event with the Pa. Fair Tax people?

We should send Cato's Letter to as many qualified prospects
as possible. The Cato Institute wants to build up its

The State LP convention will be held in Harrisburg on the
weekend of April 29 through May 1. Tim C. will probably give
a presentation tentatively entitled "Running a county
chapter the high-impact, low-maintenance way". I will need
to bounce some ideas off of the LPPgh board members to make
the presentation better.

Anything else?


January 19, 2005

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 by Vice Chairman
Dave Powell, who presided in the absence of Chairman Tim
Crowley. There were five board members present.

Secretary Henry Haller read the minutes of the December
meeting, which were approved without objection.

Mark Rauterkus reported on the progress of his campaign for
the State Senate, 42nd District. Former Senator Jack Wagner
resigned this week, clearing the way for the special
election, although the date has not yet been determined.
Mark is seeking help from chapter members on how best to
introduce himself and his issues, and to gain experience in
answering questions. He will be calling libertarians in his
district to ask them to volunteer for his campaign team.
His first campaign event will be a fundraiser on Sunday
January 30 at 7:00 P.M. at the 1889 Cafe on the South Side.
Following that, he will host a nightly chat on his website
for about two weeks. He has already produced an audio CD
which he passed out to the meeting attendees.

Harold Kyriazi reported some final statistics on last fall?s
Posipanka campaign. In White Oak, where we leafletted
extensively, David garnered 9.8 percent of the vote. In
Munhall, where he is better known, but where little
leafletting was done, he got 13.5 percent. The lesson seems
to be that name recognition is more important than

In the technology report, we learned that the website has
recently been improved, and that our e-mail address
? is not working, apparently due to spam.
Johannes Ernharth has been informed of the latter problem.

The State LP convention will be held in Harrisburg on the
weekend of April 29 through May 1.

The Pitt Libertarians will be viewing the movie
?Unconstitutional,? dealing with the Patriot act and similar
atrocities, later this evening. In order to have a public
showing of this movie, it will be necessary to pay its
producers a $100 licensing fee. Harold Kyriazi moved to
allocate up to $100 of chapter funds for this purpose. (The
exact amount is left undetermined because voluntary
contributions from other individuals will be sought for this
purpose.) Tom Gillooly seconded the motion, and it passed

Henry Haller moved to adjourn at 8:35, which passed without

Submitted by:

-- -- Henry Haller
-- -- Secretary